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About Us

KTA Business & Investment Group was founded by group of business entrepreneurs more than two decades ago to tap on the dynamic market of Armenia, CIS countries and Middle-East as the future emerging economies. As an active and agile Multi-national trading company with offices in Armenia, the company has been able to expand its specialized trading network / distributors.

The company has been able to actively expand its operation in various industries by establishing a “B2B Trade Gateway” among various local and regional markets in the Middle-East including, CIS, and Persian Gulf Countries.

Having the knowledge of business operation and transaction in the region has given us the leverage to facilitate B2B Trade /financial transaction, including sales / marketing activities by creating the right supply-chain partnerships.

Acting as the Trade Gateway, we shall mitigate all the concerns and risks involved in finding and developing the right partnership for our clients. As part of our services, we:

  • Analyze your business (SWOT),
  • Develop your B2B strategy for efficient export operation,
  • Identify the right target markets for your potential products, and
  • Help you find & maintain the right partner in the region.